Nokia 5320 MMC Solution - MicroSD card Not Detected

This solution covers for Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic that does no detect an inserted microSD memory card.
This problem may caused by a faulty MMC IC on Nokia 5320 PCB board.
The repair guide shows the location of the MMC card that needs to replace to solve Nokia 5320 Memory card Not detected problem.

Nokia 5320 MicroSD Memory Card Not Detected Solution
nokia 5320 MMC IC jumper ways tracks

Nokia C1-01 MicroSD Memory Card Not Detected Solution

The solution below can be used as a guide to repair Nokia C1-01 MicroSD memory card not detected problem. This problem indicates and it shows that the memory card is not inserted or detected on the device even already tried many kind and working microSD memory card but still the device won't detect it.

Nokia C1-01 MicroSD Memory Card Not Detected repair Solution
The solution above showed the MMC filter IC for which filters the MMC data signals. If this IC is damaged this will cause the Nokia C1 failed to detect the microSD memory card.

Guide and solution to repair Nokia C1-01 Microphone failure

This solution can be used to fix Nokia C1-01 Mic or mouthpiece microphone if it has no voice sound can be heard on the other device when a call is made.
The layout solution below which will show you where and what particular components that needs to be check and or replace if the microphone problem occurred on Nokia C1.

Nokia C1-01 Mic failure repair solution
nokia c1 mic ways solution
The microphone module is being mounted on Nokia C1 PCB board and there are filter coils and resistors connected to it.

Nokia C1-01 Earpiece Speaker Repair Guide

The solution below can be used as a repair guide to fix Nokia C1 Earpiece Speaker that dose not work or no voice sound can be heard when making a call on the device.
This solution shows the components that needs to check on Nokia C1-01 main PCB board.

Nokia C1-01 No Earpiece Speaker Sound Solution
nokia C1 earpiece speaker repair manual
You may check the components showed on the solution above if the earpiece speaker is working okay and or already tried installing a new replacement spare speaker.

Nokia C1-01 Not Charging Repair Guide

This solution can be used as a guide to repair Nokia C1-01 Not charging problem such as charger no response, this means that it does not indicates or show the charging status on the LCD display when the charger is beiong plug-in.

Just see the solution below for it shows which components that needs to be check if the problem occurred on Nokia C1-01.

Nokia C1-01 Not Charging Repair Solution
nokia C1 not charging repair manual

Check the components indicated on the solution above and replace if found damaged. This may possibly fix Nokia C1 not charging problem.

Nokia E63 Full Keypad Solution with Filter IC Tracks

This solution shows the the full keypad connection line paths of Nokia E63 keypad filter IC and keypad flex pin connector. This solution can be used to fix Nokia E63 keypad not working problems.

Nokia E63 Full Keypad IC Jumper Ways
nokia e63 keypad ic full ways tracks

iPhone 3Gs LCD Display backlight Not Working Complete Repair Solution

This is the solutions that covers for iphone 3Gs LCD display screen backlight not working or unable to light up and result to a dark screen display. If ever encountered this problem on iphone 3Gs especially wet damaged devices this solution a big help for it consists of two different stages of repair.

I have fix this problem many times and this solution solved the problem. I have been tried installing a new LCD screen module but the problem still exists.
There is spots on the iphone 3Gs located at the LCD pin connector that most often  get damaged and result to the display backlight won't work.
Just download for the clearer and larger image of the solution below to see and try it for yourself.

Download iPhone 3Gs Backlight Not Working Solution

Nokia 6700c classic hardware repair solutions

Here's a solution pack for nokia 6700c classic hardware problem related issues.

This solution covers the following repair guides:

6700c camera flash light led solution
6700c earpiece speaker solution
6700c hands free, ringer speaker solution
6700c insert sim card solution
6700c LCD display problem solution
6700c memory  card not detected solution
6700c No LCD back light  solution

Download Nokia 6700C solution

Nokia X5 USB charging problem solution

This solution may help to repair Nokia X5 USB not charging problem issues. If the charger is being plug-in and doesn't show a charging indication on the display. You may try to check or replace the components showed on the solution below.

Nokia X5 USB charge ways
nokia x5 usb charge jumper way tracks

There is fuse and a diode in the circuit that protects the USB charger voltage overdrive. It needs to replace if found damaged. If those two components is okay you may try to rework or replace the charger voltage controller chip.

Nokia E5 keypad malfunction with keypad IC jumper ways solution

This solution covers for Nokia E5 keypad failure repair.
Just trace each certain keys that unable to responds or function according to its connection line paths.
Nokia E5 keypad won't work hardware repair solution
nokia e5 keypad Ic jumper ways track

Nokia E73 Mode Solutions - hardware repair guide

This solution covers all of Nokia E73 mode hardware repair solutions such as the lists below:

E73 mode LCD display problem solution
E73 Mode Keypad Failure solution
E73 Mode LCD display and keypad backlight solution
E73 Mode Bluetooth failure solution
E73 mode Camera hardware failure
E73 mode Earpiece speaker solution
E73 mode Ringer solution
E73 mode hands free solution
E73 mode No network signal solution
E73 mode power on off button switch jumper ways

Download Nokia E73 mode solution

Nokia E63 White, blue and blank screen display problem solution

This solution covers for Nokia E63 LCD display problems such as white screen, blue screen, blank or black screen and other display problem related issues. The solution below will show you the LCD display connection of nokia e63 PCB board.
Nokia E63 LCD display jumper ways
nokia e63 display jumper track ways
The LCD display connection has two EMI filter connected to it, when display problem occurs this EMI filter need to be check or then replaced if found damaged.