Samsung Wave GT-S7230E Bada 2.0 Firmware Update Download

All Samsung Wave GT-S7230E Official Bada 2.0 Firmware Update releases download.
These are the available stock Bada 2.0 firmware that can be manually flash or installed using Odin downloader tool on Samsung Wave GT-S7230E. These firmware are useful to fix bricks if your Samsung Wave somehow stop working. This may repair or recover your device by means of re-installing its original firmware.

Europe (compatible for all European version of Samsung Wave GT-S7230E)
S7230EXXLB3 Bada 2.0 Firmware
Version: Bada 2.0
Release date: February 2012

S7230MXXLA1 Bada 2.0 Firmware
Version: Bada 2.0
Release date: January 2012

S723MXXKL7 Bada 2.0 Firmware
Version: Bada 2.0
Release date: December 2011

How to manually install Samsung Wave GT-S7230E Bada 2.0 Firmware
- Make sure the battery is fully charge.
- Boot your S7230E Wave 723 phone into Download Mode. Turn it off then ( Press Volume DOWN + Camera key and Power Button ).
- Run Samsung S7230E Wave 723 Downloader.
- Select BRCM2153
- In case You want to change Phone Boot too the check Full Download option.
- Press Boot button and select Boot files folder.
- Select and load these files on each designated slots: Amss, Apps, Rsrc1, Rsec2, Factory FS, CSC, ShpApp.
- Press on Port Search button to check good connection with phone.
- Click on Download button to start updating your phone.
- Do Not touch or remove cable from the phone till the operation finished.
- After it done the phone will restart by itself.
- Perform Full reset: *2767*3855# after flashing.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S III (S3 I9300) reformat to factory default settings

This procedure will hard reset or restore back the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S III GT-I9300 to it's original factory default settings. This process is useful if you experience some lag, frozen or unresponsive issues. This is not advisable on some part, for it will wipe and delete all data stored from your Samsung Galaxy S3, so just ensure to make a back-up copy of all of the important files you had on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Soft Reset and Hard Reset

If the phone freezes, the most often method is to remove the battery out after a couple of seconds and then putting it back again.

Hard Reset by Code

You can directly reset your device by typing this code *2767*3855#, this will reset your phone automatically once rebooted.

Hard Reset by button combination

Sometimes the code may not always useful specially when your Samsung Galaxy S3 is frozen and become unresponsive or in other sever unresponsive problem like it just stuck on welcome screen logo.
To fix it, just then again remove the battery out, then put it back again. Don't power it ON yet, just press and hold the Volume Up, Center button and Power button at the same time.
A menu will then appear that let choose with an option. Just use the volume button to toggle and select the wipe data/factory reset, that will then reset your Galaxy S III to it's factory default settings.

S8530XXLA1 Bada 2.0 Upgrade for Samsung Wave II S8530 newest update 2012

The new firmware with build number S8530XXLA1 (CSC: S8530OXALA1).  SamFirmware has just put online a new firmware: S8530XXLA1 (CSC S8530OXDLA1). This is officially released in Italy by Samsung Kies firmware server, an upgrade from previous firmware version S8530XXKF1. it does not only support Italian language but contains all European languages like English, German, Danish, Polski and etc. This firmware build is more stabler than the previous released. All the applications are working great. Social-hub applications, Chat On, Facebook, Dolphin browser, Allshare are working very smoothly.

S8530XXLA1 Bada 2.0 Samsung Wave II S8530 Kies official firmware update
Download the firmware S8530XXLA1. As always flash at your own risk!
The password to unzip is "".

How to install and flash:  Instruction guide here. Good luck and have fun!