Nokia C7 Insert SIM Card Solution

This solution holds and may useful to fix and repair Nokia C7 with insert SIM card problem or it doesn't accept or detect any SIM card being inserted to it.
Just configure the solution below for it shows the connection of the SIM circuit on Nokia C7 PCB board layout.

Nokia C7 Insert Sim card Solution
nokia c7 insert sim card jumper ways tracks

The Nokia C7 SIM card connector is mounted on a flex board assembly. You may need to try to replace the whole sim flex board if already damaged.
If the SIM flex board seems okay but still the device won't accept any sim card.
You may check the corresponding components that is were it is connected on Nokia C7 main PCB board. 

Nokia C3 Insert Sim Card Solution - SIM Tracks

Here's a solution for Nokia C3 with Insert Sim Card problem that doesn't detect a SIM card being inserted to it.

This solution guide shows the connection tracks of Nokia C3 sim card pin connector down to the SIM filter IC. You may just refer to the solution below to trace and check each corresponding pin connector connection if trying to fix insert sim card problem on nokia C3.

Nokia C3 SIM card pin connection line paths and filter IC jumper ways

nokia C3 insert sim card jumper ways tracks
You may check the VSIM and ground pins first before trying to replace the Nokia C3 SIM filter IC.
You can also apply the filter IC jumper solution above to determine if all the line paths were working okay.

Nokia C7 Power Switch ON OFF Jumper Ways Solution

Here's a full power on-off switch connection tracks of Nokia C7 which can be useful to fix a damaged or lifted solder terminal pads of the power switch.

If the power switch is severely  damaged and the PCB's solder pads has been already removed, you can easily reconnect the nokia C7 power switch by using this solution below.

The line paths were highlighted to easily determine were particular components that the power switch is being connected. You may just mend to in-place the power switch to its original location and then apply a bonding solvent, then apply a jumper wire on it to the nearest components were it is being connected.
The power switch upper terminal were both connected to ground lines (highlighted in blue) and the other two below is for positive or in active connection (highlighted in red lines).

Nokia C7 Power ON-OFF switch Jumper Ways
nokia C7 power switch jumper ways tracks

If those components being connected become faulty or damaged, it will also result to unable to TURN ON the device and its only shows charging indication when the battery charger is being connected. You may check and then replace this components if the Nokia C7 power switch is not working.

Nokia E73 Full Keypad Problem Repair Solution

This solution can be used ro fix and repair Nokia E73 with a keypad problem that is not working or responding, due to wet or water damaged.

This following solution shows the entire connection of the Nokia E73 keypad circuit, which can be useful for easy and quick troubleshooting methods.

This first solution shows the entire keypad flex matrix of QWERTY and NAVIGATION keys connection line paths. With this solution you can easily manage to trace a particular keys which does not work or responds.
The inner and outer core of the keypads where highlighted into different colors, each of the same colors means that these particular keys were connected with each other.

Nokia E73 keypad Flex matrix connection - tracks jumper ways

This solution below covers for Keypad Filter IC troubleshooting. There are two keypad filter chips is being used or mounted on Nokia E73 PCB board. IF one of these keypad filter IC become faulty it will result to a massive  keypad failure. The keypad filter chips solder ball bumps is being highlighted with colors for deeper troubleshooting procedures especially when the device  suffered water damaged. You may easily trace each of the connection tracks to determine if all the line paths were all okay.

Nokia E73 keypad Filter IC jumper ways
nokia e73 keypad IC jumper ways

In replacing the keypad filter IC you may need to carefully ensure that all the solder ball bumps were not lifted or damaged. In most common cases these filter chips were only become damaged due to a short circuit, excessive electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. You may need to replace these chips for ESD and EMI protection on the other circuit on the device.

Nokia E73 Joystick Not Working: Solution

Here's a full solution for nokia E73 with a non-responsive joystick problem; this repair guide might possibly help fix the problem.. 

A. Check the optical joystick module and the whole keypad flex matrix assembly for possible damaged. Clean the lens of the optical joystick module. Replace the whole keypad flex matrix if it is already damaged.

nokia e73 joystick solution
Check and trace the two supply voltage of the optical joystick module mend a jumper wire if these line paths is open, or just replace the keypad flex if a replacement spare is available.

Nokia E73 Joystick Jumper ways and tracks
nokia e73 joystick jumper ways and tracks

If the keypad flex is already been replaced but still the joystick doesn't work.
Trace the keypad pin connectors which holds for the optical joystick connection. If these voltage is being cut off it will also result to a non-responsive joystick.

Nokia E73 Joystick Problem Solution
nokia e73 not working optical joystick repair

There are two 3D accelerometer chip that controls the joystick, if these chips is faulty the joystick will not be able to work. By reworking or replacing these accelerometer chip might only fix the nokia e73 with a non-responsive joystick problem.

Nokia E73 Display Problem Solution - Filter IC Jumper Ways

here's a solution for Nokia E73 LCD screen display problem such as blank or empty screen, blue screen, white screen, garbled or saturated screen displays.

This solution below shows the line connection line tracks of Nokia e73 display signals. If already tried installing a n new replacement LCD screen but the problem still exists you can used this solution for further hardware troubleshooting.

Nokia E73 Display Filter IC Solution
nokia e73 display ic jumper ways tracks

the solution above shows the two display filter chip, you may need to trace, check and replace these filter IC's.

Nokia E73 Ringer Buzzer Speaker Jumper ways and Tracks

This solution below can be used to troubleshoot the Nokia E73 with a Ringer or Hands Free speaker problem.

If the ringer is speaker is working okay but still there is no sounds can be heard on it, this solution below can help fix and solved the ringer speaker problem for it shows the connection line tracks and particular components of the ringer speaker circuit.

Nokia E73 Ringer - hands Free Speaker Problem Solution
nokia e73 hands free speaker jumper solution

Nokia E73 Earpiece Speaker Problem jumper ways tracks

The solution below shows the nokia e73 earpiece speaker connection line tracks, that can be used in troubleshooting nokia e73 earpiece problem, or no sound can be heard on it.

See the solution below for easy and quick tracing the line paths of the E73 earpiece speaker and circuit components.

Nokia E73 Earpiece Speaker Jumper Ways and Connection Line Tracks
nokia e73 earpiece speaker jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 Charger Not Supported Solution

Here's the solution for nokia E73 charger not supported problem, a type of not charging problem that only shows on the display "charger not supported" when the battery charger is being plug-in.

The repair guide manual below shows the location of a certain components that needs to replace to solve and fix the Nokia E73 charger not supported problem.

Nokia E73 charger not supported solution - BTEMP resistor location
Nokia e73 charger not supported solution

Nokia E73 USB not charging problem solution

If having a charging problem on Nokia E73, this solution might possibly help to fix and repair it.

IF the device shows no charging indication or response when the USB charger is being plug-in, there might be something wrong with the components shown on solution below,
Just check and then replace these components to fix nokia E73 Not charging problem

Nokia E73 USB charging problem  jumper ways solution
nokia e73 USB charge jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 MMC not detected solution

This solution holds and may possibly help fix or repair nokia E73 with MMC memory card problem such as memory card not detected or does not detect any memry card inserted to it.

Just refer to the solution below and trace or check particular connection line paths and components.

Nokia E73 MMC memory card not detected solution
nokia e73 MMC jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 Mic Jumper Ways Tracks

This solution can be used to fix Nokia E73 with a not working microphone problem.

If the microphone nokia E73 stops working you may refer the solution belows for it shows the connection of the Nokia E73 Microphone circuit.

Nokia E73 Mic Jumper Ways Tracks

Nokia E73 Insert SIM jumper Solution

This repair guides solution covers for Nokia E73 with insert SIM card problem that occurred when the device suffered wet or water damaged.

IF encountered insert sim card problem on nokia E73 just see the solution below and trace the corresponding SIM card Pin connection to a particular components.

Nokia E73 SIM jumper ways

Nokia E73 Power ON OFF Jumper Ways Solution

This repair guide cover for a damaged Nokia E73 power ON OFF switch. If  looking for the spots where to apply a jumper wire when the power switch solder terminal pads is lifted, this solution may help to solved that problem.

Nokia E73 Power ON OFF switch jumper ways - tracks
nokia e73 mode power switch jumper ways

Nokia 1280 hardware repair solution

Download the nokia 1280 all hardware repair solution.
 This solution pack covers the following hardware repair problems on Nokia 1280 such as:

nokia 1280 charger not supported solution
nokia 1280 charging solution, jumper ways guide
nokia 1280 keypad jumper ways
Nokia 1280 LCD display backlight LED solution
Nokia 1280 LCD display jumpers ways
Nokia 1280 LCD display ways
nokia 1280 mic problem jumper solution
nokia 1280 No network signal solution
Nokia 1280 power on-off key Jumper ways
nokia 1280 sim card  jumper ways2 guide

Download Nokia 1280 hardware repair solution

Nokia 5800 blurry or blurred LCD screen display solution

This solution can help fix a nokia 5800 xpressmusic with a blurred LCD screen display without changing or replacing the LCD screen.
The solution used a simple tricks to solved and fix a blurry picture display on Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic.
 However, you must try to replaced the LCD screen display first, and if there is no louck and the problem still exists, only then you will use and apply this method.
nokia 5800 expressmusic display problem solution

Nokia 5800 LCD blurred LCD screen display repair solution

Nokia X3-02 Blank LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

This solution holds for nokia X3-02 with a display problem such as blank screen display, blue screen, garbled and saturated screen display.

If this said display problem occurred on nokia x3-02, you may first check the or try to replace the LCD screen module. If the display problem still exists, you may now proceed to check and or then replace the one of the two display filtering IC showed on the solution below.
These display filter chips is mounted near the CPU IC.

Nokia X3-02 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution
nokia x3-02 display filter IC jumper ways

Nokia X3-02 Not Working Keypad Problem Repair Solution

Here's the solution for nokia X2-02 with a not working keypad problem. This solution shows the location of the keypad filter ic on nokia X3-02 PCB board.
If the keypad flex is not damaged or already tried replacing it but the keypad still doesn't respond when pressed, you may need to replace the keypad filter IC showed on the following solution below.

Nokia X3-02 keypad problem repair solution
nokia X3-02 keypad filter IC ways

If the keypad flex cable wire is not damaged, replacing the keypad IC may possibly help fix and solved the Nokia X3-02 with a  not working keypad problem.

Nokia X3-01 Hands Free Ringer, buzzer, speaker

This repair guide holds for nokia x3-01 Ringer and Hands free Speaker no sound problem, this solution may work and can be applied if the buzzer speaker is not damaged and or already tried installing new replacement speaker but still there is no sounds can be heard over it.
The solution shows the some particular components on Nokia x3-01 PCB board that needs to check and replace for possible damaged. Just refer the solution below and check the said components.

Nokia X3-01 Ringer speaker Solution

Nokia X3 Service Disassembly Manual

This manual will show you a step by step instructions on how to disassemble thew Nokia X3 mobile phone handset which is set for repair or troubleshooting.

This manual also includes some precautions for a safety dismantling the device including which and what particular tools to used.

Download Nokia X3 Disassembly Manual in PDF file format

How to remove and unlock Nokia X3 security code using MXkey

Here's a step by step instruction on how to remove and unlock forgotten security code on nokia X3 by using MXkey mobileEx professional service suite.

You need corresponding USB cable and mxkey service suite.

Open Mxkey
Select Nokia USB ROM then connect
Select Nokia Tools(BB5 tab)
Select Model(X3)
Select flashfile(to detect phone in bus check )
Click bus check(if the phone detected and shows the info,proceed to the next step)
Then Click Service then Reset all..

 If the X3 cannot be detected  via USB and been already installed Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver, Just 
try not to hold long the power key, don't allow to power up your phone, just press power on and if it is detected release it immediately.

 Here's the codes log for a successful security code unlocking on Nokia X3 device.