Windows Mobile 1.7.0 - Touch Controls Suite

Windows Mobile 1.7.0 - Touch Controls Suite

Touch Controls Suite for Windows Mobile 1.7.0 | 5.66 MB

Touch Controls Suite is an innovative component suite from mirabyte that allows software developers to create graphically stunning and highly intuitive user interfaces (UI) for Windows Mobile Smartphone applications that are based on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (.NETCF).

One of the major disadvantages of the Windows Mobile operating system is the fact that the user interface controls (such as menus, buttons, lists, etc.) are stylus-oriented but not optimized for finger-based interaction. Creating a finger-based UI requires a lot of technical knowledge. And due to performance issues, developers that write their applications on the easy to use .NETCF platform with languages such as C# or VB.NET are not able to instantly create modern looking applications that have a finger-based UI as previously seen on other platforms such as Apple iPhone.

Touch Controls Suite Feature Overview

New: If you want to have a look at some of the new features in version 1.7.0, please watch this YouTube video! >

TouchListBox is the powerful core control of Touch Controls Suite. It can be used for any kind of lists, menus and item viewers.

* Finger-based kinetic scrolling (very responsive and smooth, slows down after a "fast" scroll action)

* "Flip back" effect (the list behaves like a rubber band when you scroll below the start/end of it)

* Default drawing of list items or fully customizable owner drawing

* Stylish transition effects (sliding animation to all four sides of the screen)

* Optional alternating two color list style for better readability

* Various highlighting effects

* Intelligent item selection (scrolling does not accidently select a list item!)

* Supports hardware keys (up/down buttons)

* Can be used with other (standard) controls on the same form without any problems

* Supports multiple screen resolutions

ButtonBar is perfect for creating large button menus or status indicators.

* Supports alpha bitmaps

* Custom "pressed" effect for buttons

* Full skinning capabilities

TitleBar can be used to display noticeable status or context information to the user. Additionally also buttons for typical operations like "back" or "close" can be integrated.

* Supports alpha bitmaps

* Custom "pressed" effect for buttons

* Transparent text

* Full skinning capabilities

TouchPictureBox is like a normal PictureBox control. Additionally it has a built in (stepped) zoom functionality and supports smooth scrolling operations using the finger. A perfect control for photo or map viewer applications.

* Configurable zoom feature (min/max values)

* Finger-based scrolling

* Smooth drawing

* Zoom factor can be dynamically set from code

TouchPictureButton is an enhanced button control that allows creating custom style buttons with icons or background images.

* Supports icons

* Background color or background images

* Transparent text

* Automatic "push" animation

GlassDialog is a replacement for modal dialogs like MessageBox.Show(...); the background of the form is dimmed and either a generic dialog box is shown or a custom skin can be used (including alpha transparency!).

TouchTextBox is a finger-friendly text box control that uses a skinable border to achieve a more convenient look & feel than normal text boxes. Additionally you can add an extra button to the text box - a perfect feature for search boxes etc.TouchCheckBox is a fully skinable check box control that allows you to give your applications a consistent user experience.

DoubleBufferedLabel is a bonus control that comes with Touch Controls Suite. It works like a normal label control but can be updated very often without producing any flickering. A perfect control for real-time status or time displays (e.g. a stop watch or a news ticker).


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