All Nokia 5000 hardware problem solution - repair guide

all nokia 5000 repair solution

These are nokia 5000 repair guides when damaged, solutions for the following hardware problem issues .
5000 display problem - white screen display, blue screen display, blank screen display,
black or dark screen   display.
5000 insert sim card problem - shows insert sim card when a good sim card is inserted, unable to acceptany kind of sim card.
5000 charging problem - unable to charge up the battery, shows not charging, shows charger not supported, no charger indication.
5000 keypad backlight LED problem - keypad's backlight is dead. unable to light up.
5000 LCD display backlight problem - shows a dark screen display, no light on LCD display.
5000  keypad problem - the keys stuck, the keypad stop to function, keypad malfunction.
5000 mouthpiece problem - microphone is not working, no audio sound can be heard. mouthpiece solution
5000 earpiece problem - no audio sound can be heard on the earpiece speaker
5000 ringer buzzer problem , no ringtone audio sound can be heard.

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