Ipray Pro v2.102 free for iPhone

Prayer Timings
Do you travel a lot (or want to look like someone who travels a lot)? Or are just not sure what time to offer salat? Now you can get prayer times for thousands of cities, valleys and towns in 252 countries round the globe. Offline database allows easy access to cities when on the go.

Five Day Prayer Schedule
To find out prayer timings for the next five days for the selected city, simply scroll the page to the left to switch between days. Very useful especially in Ramadan or when traveling.

Arabic Interface
Change iPray from an English to Arabic interface showing Prayer Times in Arabic. This also switches the view from left-to-right to right-to-left

Favorite Cities
Whether on the move or on a short visit[*]you can set and retrieve details of unlimited favorite cities in iPray Pro (and 2 cities in iPray) so that it's easy to turn back to them when you're back in town. Manages settings for each city separately to avoid frustration.

Hijri Date Adjustment
iPray allows you to adjust the hijri calendar by subtracting or adding days in order to reflect your current date.

Adjust individual prayer times
You can adjust prayer times individually by adding/subtracting minutes to each prayer time

Automatic Location Detection (in iPray Pro)
Can't find your city in our database? Use the Automatic City Detection feature to locate your current position. This allows you to create semi-custom cities on the run.

IMPORTANT NOTE: iPray does not support automatic alarms/athans and will not wake the iPhone/iPod at athan time due to limitations present in iPhone and iPod Touch.

Numerous Athans
Numerous athan files included. Each individual prayer can be assigned a particular athan file.

Islamic Events
Use the Islamic Events of the Year. feature to find out when's what! It provides dates of important Islamic events/festivals both in Hijri and Gregorian for the current year.

Five Calculation Methods
iPrayoffers five famous prayer times calculation methods so that you may be able to switch between them based on your personal preference and locality.

Asr calculation methods
iPray has both standard (Imam Shafi', Hanbali, Maliki) as well as Hanafi method.

Using custom prayer calculation method (in iPray Pro coming soon)
If the built in calculations aren't good enough for you, you can set custom Fajr and Isha angles to compute prayer times

Qibla Direction
Did you know that magnetic compasses are incorrect and cannot be trusted for getting the direction of Kabah? This is because the magnetic field changes and does not point to the TRUE North. iPray gives you an accurate direction of the Qibla based on True North as well as the relative direction from the current position of the Sun in the sky. (iPray Pro has the Sun feature in Qibla Compass)

All-in-one Display
Based on a unique all-in-one design.
New in this version

* Fixed duplicate date issue on timings screen
* Fixed events page to reflect correct Gregorian and Hijri Year
Ipray Pro v2.102 free