NetPortal - Access files on remote computers 2.3 from your iPhone

NetPortal is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPhone to access and copy files on remote computers including Windows, Mac, and Network (NAS) drives.

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No additional software is necessary on the remote computer.

Most other file sharing apps require you to copy files to your iPhone whilst in the office, or at home, and then let you take those files with you. NetPortal can do that, but also allows you to connect remotely (via a VPN or router port-forwarding) and access the files directly, wherever you are.

■ Stream video and audio files from computers or NAS drives on your home network.
■ Instant access. No need to copy the files to your iPhone.

■ All key document formats including PDF, iWork, RTF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
■ All key image file formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA.
■ All the audio/video formats that the iPhone can handle (MP3, MP4, MOV, M4V, AIFF etc).
■ All plain-text documents such as source code, scripts, configuration files, even if the file extension is missing or unrecognized.
■ HTML and webarchive files.

■ Store files on your iPhone, even if they can't be viewed on the iPhone.
■ Create and arrange local folders as you wish.

■ Create/Rename/Delete remote files and folders.
■ Edit text files, including HTML and XML.

■ Copy files from your iPhone back to any remote computer.
■ Email documents as attachments using the iPhone's built in mail app.
■ Automatically uses WiFi or any of the phone data networks (3G, Edge and GPRS).
■ Seamless integration with the iPhone's built in VPN.
■ Connects using the CIFS/SMB protocol.

■ Automatically reconnects and restores state if the network connection is lost.
■ Continues downloads from where they left off if interrupted.
■ Bookmark folders or locations within files. Go back to these with just 2 taps.
■ Hyperlinks in documents are enabled and launch into Safari / email.

■ Developed by professional software engineers, each with at least 15 years experience.
■ Engineered from scratch specifically for the iPhone. This is not a Samba port.
■ Secure - connects to servers with the highest level of NTLM authentication (level 5).
■ Reliable, fast, high-quality software.
■ Excellent product support.

Example uses for work
■ Read documents whilst travelling without needing your laptop.
■ Access latest memos, meeting minutes directly from your file servers.
■ Connect to your workstation to retrieve that file you forgot to bring with you.

Example uses at home
■ Viewing photos on a network drive.
■ Copy and play music from a network drive.
■ Read novels on your iPhone. Bookmarking makes this really easy.
■ Copy movies to your iPhone for those long car journeys.

★ Try NetPortalLite for free, which does everything NetPortal does except that it is limited to viewing PDF and Image files.

To connect to your file shares, you must either be directly connected to the LAN (Local area Network) via WiFi, or if you wish to access your files from the Internet (via WiFi hotspot, 3G, Edge or GPRS), you must have one of the following connections configured.
■ A Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the remote LAN.
■ Port-forwarding of Internet SMB traffic to your computer.

To connect to a Mac you may need to enable the SMB protocol, and will need OS X 10.5 or later. Our QuickStart guide on our web site has step by step instructions for this.
What's new in Version 2.3
★ Added streaming Video/Audio.
★ Added password-protection for the entire app.
★ Added ability to hide Admin shares (ones ending with $)
★ Added .M4A and .AIF Audio file formats.
★ Added .3G2 Video file format.
★ Added support for RedHat Linux.
★ Improved connection to NAS drives.
★ Local HTML Files now automatically load referenced images, javascript etc.