Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i LCD Screen Display Problem Repair Solution

This repair guide covers for Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i, W100a Display problems on LCD Screen. The following guide below shows which particular components needs to be check first if a display occurred such as garbled, white, saturated, blank or empty screen displays.

For display problems repairs,if the LCD screen is not damaged, broken or cracked, you may try to restore or flash the device firmware firmware first before doing doing any hardware troubleshooting. If the problem still exists and confirmed that the the phone's firmware is okay, you may then proceed into hardware troubleshooting procedures.

Sony Ericsson LCD Display problem repair manual
Repair hints on Sony Ericsson Spiro LCD Screen Display Problems.
1. Check the LCD Screen Module, have a new LCD screen replacement if damaged.
2. Check the LCD flex ribbon cable wire, replace if damaged.
3. Check the Flex Pin Connectors, clean if oxidized, resolder and replace if necessary.
4. Check the upper keypad PCB board. Replaced if damaged.
5. If the above procedures won't fix the problem, re-hot or rework the CPU IC.