MotionX GPS Drive 3.3 Iphone

MotionX-GPS Drive includes 30 days of real-time routing with Live Voice Guidance.
MotionX-GPS Drive turns any iPhone 3G or 3GS into the next-generation car and pedestrian navigation solution. MotionX introduces new features not yet seen on mobile devices, including “door-to-door” personal navigation tools, user interface innovations that greatly simplify the navigation experience, and integration of live search capabilities.
"hands-down my favorite navigator for the iPhone" -Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times
"packed with features..." -Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
"MotionX-GPS Drive: Hands-Down the Best Value in GPS Apps"
Always Live, Always Up-to-Date, a Fraction of the Cost
MotionX: Next-Generation Driving and Pedestrian Navigation

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