Bowling 2 v2.0.8 for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Bowl against PBA® stars in this 3D game that includes tournaments, a spare challenge, online high scores, unlocked special bowling balls and much more! PBA Bowling 2 is a universal app that supports the iPhone, iPod Touch, and ipad

The biggest name in bowling, PBA, brings internationally recognized players, such as Walter Ray Williams Jr., and locations, including newly added Detroit, from the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour directly to your device! Play against your favorite PBA stars or friends! You can access online leaderboards directly from the app to see the top scores from around the world. Enjoy a full 3D bowling experience, interactive atmosphere, the ability to customize your bowling ball, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, with three difficulty levels, this game caters to you! Do you like to put a spin on your ball? No problem! Use the accelerometer by tilting your phone to spin the ball just the way you want it! So, polish those bowling shoes and prepare yourself for the most realistic bowling experience short of league night at the local bowling center!


• Online leaderboards
• Tracks stats and scoring for tournaments
• Customize bowling balls with weight, textures and special effects.
• May use accelerometer or touch screen.
• Play single game, tournament, or spare challenge.
• New Lumber Liquidator PBA Tour locations: Las Vegas, Tokyo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Reno.
• Five lane types: Shark, Cheetah, Chameleon, Scorpion, and Viper.
• Unlock special effects, bowling ball textures and patterns.
• View oil pattern on lane.
• Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulties.
• Dynamic menus and cutting edge graphics.
• Pin count and frame number displayed in 3D bowling alley for up-to-date information.
• Scoreboard slides in and out for optimal screen use.
• Play real PBA players:

Walter Ray Williams Jr.
Wes Malott
Pete Weber
Norm Duke
Chris Barnes
Sean Rash
Tommy Jones
Bill O'Neill
Jason Belmonte
Rhino Page
Mike Fagan
Parker Bohn III

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What's new in Version 2.0.8
• 2.0.8 - Fixed a saving issue with the multitasking on OS 4.
• 2.0.7 - Fixed processor issue.
• 2.0.6:
1) New setting to change the bowler order.
2) Added OS 4.0 and iPhone 4 compatibility.
• 2.0.5 - Fixed a crashing issue.
• 2.0.4:
1) New, more realistic pins.
2) Improved pin physics.
3) Option to turn off the ball bounce animation.
4) Added option to control the spin sensitivity.
5) New setting to control whether to slide to the pins or slide straight when rolling the ball.
6) Improved tutorials with images.
7) Links to help text.
8) Fixed other known bugs.

• 2.0.3:
1) Added option to be able to throw the ball at 3 different speeds.
2) Optimized for running under low memory.
3) Added Feedback & More.
4) Fixed Spare Challenge scoring issue.
5) The last High Score entered is now highlighted.
6) Improve ball animation.
7) Improved gutters.
8) Fixed an issue where the bouncy ball would go through the pins.
• 2.0.2 -- Fixed an issue with saving/loading with Spare Challenge.
• 2.0.1 -- Fixed disappearing pin bug in iPad version. Fixed issues on edit ball screen for iPhone. Fixed issue with choose ball screen for iPhone