Nokia C7 Power Switch ON OFF Jumper Ways Solution

Here's a full power on-off switch connection tracks of Nokia C7 which can be useful to fix a damaged or lifted solder terminal pads of the power switch.

If the power switch is severely  damaged and the PCB's solder pads has been already removed, you can easily reconnect the nokia C7 power switch by using this solution below.

The line paths were highlighted to easily determine were particular components that the power switch is being connected. You may just mend to in-place the power switch to its original location and then apply a bonding solvent, then apply a jumper wire on it to the nearest components were it is being connected.
The power switch upper terminal were both connected to ground lines (highlighted in blue) and the other two below is for positive or in active connection (highlighted in red lines).

Nokia C7 Power ON-OFF switch Jumper Ways
nokia C7 power switch jumper ways tracks

If those components being connected become faulty or damaged, it will also result to unable to TURN ON the device and its only shows charging indication when the battery charger is being connected. You may check and then replace this components if the Nokia C7 power switch is not working.