Nokia E73 Joystick Not Working: Solution

Here's a full solution for nokia E73 with a non-responsive joystick problem; this repair guide might possibly help fix the problem.. 

A. Check the optical joystick module and the whole keypad flex matrix assembly for possible damaged. Clean the lens of the optical joystick module. Replace the whole keypad flex matrix if it is already damaged.

nokia e73 joystick solution
Check and trace the two supply voltage of the optical joystick module mend a jumper wire if these line paths is open, or just replace the keypad flex if a replacement spare is available.

Nokia E73 Joystick Jumper ways and tracks
nokia e73 joystick jumper ways and tracks

If the keypad flex is already been replaced but still the joystick doesn't work.
Trace the keypad pin connectors which holds for the optical joystick connection. If these voltage is being cut off it will also result to a non-responsive joystick.

Nokia E73 Joystick Problem Solution
nokia e73 not working optical joystick repair

There are two 3D accelerometer chip that controls the joystick, if these chips is faulty the joystick will not be able to work. By reworking or replacing these accelerometer chip might only fix the nokia e73 with a non-responsive joystick problem.