Nokia 6720c Earpiece Speaker Solution

This is solution covers for Nokia 6720c earpiece speaker problem.If the receiver speaker doesn't work or no voice can be heard on it, this solution may possibly fix the problem.

You may first check or replace the earpiece speaker module, then ensure that the speaker's terminal contact pads is perfectly cleaned. If the speaker is okay, you may then trace the its corresponding line paths and components were it is being connected.
Just refer to the solution below to trace and locate these particular components.

Nokia 6720 classic earpiece problem solution
nokia 6720c earpiece speaker jumper ways

There is a filter coil being used on the circuit, check it and then replace if found damaged.
If the line paths through to the filter coil is okay and likewise the filter coil is still working, the next option will be by reworking the audio controller chip or then replace if necessary.