Nokia 6720c Ringer, Buzzer Hands Free Speaker Solution

This covers for Nokia 6720 classic ringer speaker problem. If the speaker doesn't work or no sounds can be heard on it, this solution may possibly help fix the problem.

You may first check the speaker if already busted or try replacing it with a new one. If the speaker seems good, you may then ensure that the speaker terminal contact pads is cleaned. Refer to the solution below to locate which particular components needs to check or replace for further troubleshooting.

Nokia 6720 classic Ringer hands free Speaker problem Solution
nokia 6720c ringer speaker jumper ways tracks
 There are left and right speaker channels on Nokia 6720c, you may just refer to the solution above to troubleshoot certain speaker that doesn't work.
You may first check the filter coils that is connected through to the speaker, then trace each of the corresponding line paths. If both filter coils and line paths seems nothing wrong, the last and final option will be by reworking the GAZOO IC.