One of the Best Android Calendar Application

One of the most fantastic calendar application for android phones

Gemini Calendar offers a huge array of useful options for planning your schedule. It’s popularity in the market speaks for itself…4.5 stars, 1380 ratings and a market leading < 250,000 downloads...makes Gemini 'The Calendar App to Get'. Just please support the Developer with a donation. This is a FREE app that could easily sell for $5.00 or more.

Gemini Calendar features:
* events recurrence with intervals of x days/weeks/months/years,* easy data entering with innovative data input method,
* comfortable month view with easy, instant access to the events,
* configurable data and time format, first day of week,
* active links in event details (WWW address, phone numbers,emails and map),
* multiple reminders ( up to 8 ) can be added to a single event,
* recurrent events can be set according to the days of week (separately selectable Mo, Tu, We etc.),
* new event can be added with relation to the call log of your phone,
* new event can be added with relation to the phone book of your phone,
* ‘go to date’ dialog in the Month/Day view lets you switch the current date using the same input method as in Add New Event,
* three different shortcuts for the launcher:
o Add normal event,
o Add event from log,
o Add event from book,
* day widget,
* copy & paste events,

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