Nokia E63 Display No Light Problem Jumper Solution

Here's the Nokia E63 Solution for not working back light on the LCD screen, that result to a dark, blank or black screen, this solution below provides the connection line paths of the display light LED's.

Just refer to the following solution and follow some hints on how to fix the display light problem on Nokia E63.

nokia e63 Display backlight Jumper Tracks
Repair hints for Nokia E63 Dark Screen or Display Light Failure problem:
1. Try to replace the LCD screen module to easily confirm if  the LED is the only damaged or not.
2. If the newly installed LCD shows same problem, check the LCD pin connector.
3. Trace the LED positive and negative supply line paths to the components where it is being connected.
4. Check /replace the resistors.
5. Check /replace the inductor coil, read the VBAT voltage on the inductor coil,
6. Check or replace the LED driver IC.
7. Check or replace the linear transitor drivers.