Nokia 5230 Camera Hardware Operation Failure Problem Solution

This is a Nokia 5230 Nuron solution for not working camera or shows errors when the camera opened or used. This may help fixing the device after confirming or already flash, update or restore the flash firmware but nothing happens.

Here we show some hints on how to fix the Nokia 5230 with camera problem issues that can not be fix by software calibration. Just refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components on the 5230 PCB board.

Nokia 5230 camera problem solution
Nokia 5230 Camera problem repair solution
Some step by step Repair hints for Nokia 5230 camera failure problem:
1. Remove the camera module, check and clean the camera slot for possible damaged and oxidation build up,
then in-place it back or try to replace with a new one. 
2. Check all the camera supply voltages, such VCAM 1.8V, 2.8V and 1.3V on the capacitors pointed. If this this voltages is missing check the battery supply voltage of 3.8V to each of those DC regulator IC's.
3. If the battery supply is okay, replace the regulator IC that has no supply voltage output reads.
4. If all the supply voltages and the camera module is confirmed okay, there is a possibility that the problem lies on camera controller IC.
5. Reheat, rework or replace the Camera IC if necessary.
That's it, hope this help..