Nokia 5230 Not Charging Problem Solution

This shows the Nokia 5230 solution for not charging problem such as "charger no response or shows no indication when the battery charger is inserted or plug-in". the solution below shows the connection line paths of the 5230 charging circuit which is useful in troubleshooting the not charging problem issues.

You may locate the highlighted components and do some test and check up procedures, then follow some some step by step instruction below.

Nokia 5230 Not Charging Problem Solution for Repair
Nokia 5230 charge jumper ways
Repair hints on Nokia 5230 Not charging problem:
1. Try to use another working charger and battery.
2. Check the charging pin connector for posibble damaged. Replace if found so.
3. Clean the charging pin connector contact pads and trace its connection down to the fuse and ground lines.
4. Check the fuse if already busted or blown out, check the diode if shorted, a shorted diode make the fuse blown up again.
5. Check, clean the battery terminals.
6. Rework the Betty IC, if the fuse, diode, and inductor coil is okay. Just replace if necessary.
That's it...