Nokia C1-00 Not Charging Solution

This solution covers for Nokia C1-00 Charging problem such "charger no response" when the charger is being plug-in to the device. To fix this problem you may refer to the solution below for it shows which particular components needs to check or replace if found damaged or faulty.

nokia C1-00 Not charging  jumper ways repair picture

Repair hints on Nokia C1-00 Not Charging - charger no response problem:
1. Try to use another charger and replace the phones battery.
2. Check the charging pin connector for possible damaged.
3. Clean the charging pin connector PCB's terminal contact pads.
4. Check / replace the fuse and the chip diode.

For "Not Charging" showing on the display ,  try to flash the device firmware again. then do steps above.
If the problem still exist, there must a problem on the Charging or Power IC. reworking or replacing it might only fix your nokia c1-00 not charging problem.