Nokia 5230 Display Light Problem Jumper Ways Solution

If encountered a display light problem of Nokia 5230 that shows a dark screen display, here we show you the connection line paths of the Display light circuit and prefered some simple instruction on how to fix it.
Refer to the solution and follow some simple step by step instruction below.

Nokia 5230 Display Light Jumper ways tracks
Repair hints for Nokia 5230 Dark Screen Display with not working LED light problem:
1. Try to replace the LCD module, to confirm if the LED light were still working or not.
    If the problem still exists follow the steps below.
2. Check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged, clean it, then replace if necessary.
3. Trace the two supply voltage that feeds from the resistors down to the pin connector.
4. Check also the connected resistors, replace if found damaged.
5. If the keypad LED also does not light up, te problem may possibly lies on faulty LED driver IC.
6. Check the inductor coil, and also read the 3.8 volts battery supply voltage.
7. If the voltage is okay and the inductor coil is still working,.. Replace the LED Driver IC.