Solution: How to fix Blackberry Bold 9700 white screen problem

Here's a step by step guide and a solution to fix Blackberry bold 9700 white screen problem, many users called it a White Screen of Death(WSOD. This solution may help if having a problem issue like below.

blacberry bold 9700 white screen display
The Blackberry Bold 9700 showing a bright white screen display
Here's what your Blackberry Situation that may possibly fix this solution:
The phone hasn't been anywhere close to water and the moisture stickers are intact. Can still hear tones from incoming call or text messages.
Other than the display screen the phone is fully operational. Dm sees it perfectly, You can still do a blind-call out and receive calls. Only problem is i can only see a bright white screen.

Many sites has been suggesting a solution such as this: Battery pull, wipe, reinstall 4.6, reinstall 5, backup and restore files, clean install, battery left out for 24 hours and installed a new battery but it doesn't fix the problem.

Now, heres' a solution on how to fix a a Blackberry Bold 9700 with white screen problem.
1. Reassemble the Blackberry bold 9700, only do it unless the warranty period has already expired.
 Now, locate the highlighted components as shown on the image. These are the display filters. Works as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters, and once being damaged it will cause and result to a white screen, sometimes being garbled or saturated screen display.
balack berry bold 9700 display filter IC
Blackberry Bold Display Filters Components

Check those components and have it replaced, you may find these parts from any old Blackberry phone PCB board that are already junked. Just like the one below that taken apart from the damaged Blackberry 9100 PCB board.

Then in place it to your Blackberry bold 9700 display filters. Try replacing one by one then power it again to check, just repeat until all four filters being replace and get the screen display fix.
That's it! all credits goes to Rievax_08 and GSM Solido for the repair tricks. Happy fixing hope this helps.