Nokia C2-00 Schematic Diagram, Service Manual and Repair Guide

Here's the long awaited and hardly to find Nokia C2-00 schematic diagram we spotted somewhere over on another forum. You may use this in troubleshooting hardware related problem on Nokia C2-00 like the following hardware problems:

Nokia C2-00 Schematic Diagram

Not Charging problem - the C2-00 does not charge if the charger is plug in.
Display problem - shows abnormal displays on LCD screen like, blank or white screen, garbled etc.
Illuminating LED light light problem -  No back light LED on the LCD and shows a dark screen and no keypad LED problem.
No network Signal problem - shows a poor data signal, dropping or no signal reception at all.
Keypad problem- Some of the numeric or all of it is not working or functioning.
Audio problem - earpiece, microphone, ringer speaker, headset audio or sound problem.
USER interface problem - Insert sim card error, Memory card not detected, USB not detected problem.

Those are few things that might this schematic diagram is useful in fixing Nokia C2-00 hardware problems if occurred.

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