Nokia 5230 Blank White, Blue Screen Display Problem Jumper Ways Solution

This solution covers for Nokia 5230 Nuron LCD display problem such as white screen, blank or black scree, blue screen, garbled or saturated screen displays.

The solution below shows the connection line paths of the LCD display circuit. You may then refer to that solution for further troubleshooting, but before that just follow some hints on how to fix the display problem as hereby indicated below.

Nokia 5230 Display Problem Jumper ways tracks picture
Repair hints on How to fix the  Nokia 5230 Display Problem:
step 1. First try to replace the LCD screen module, check and clean the LCD pin connector.
step 2. Try to flash update the device flash firmware to any latest available version.
step 3. Check the LCD supply voltages, also check the filter coil and capacitor, replace if found damaged.
step 4. Replace the Display EMI/ESD Filter IC.
step 5. Rework, replace the Display controller IC.
step 6. If you get into this level, you may need to rework or replace the RAPIDO IC and flash update the device again.