Nokia 5230 Solution for Not Working Earpiece Speaker Problem

This covers for Nokia 5230 solution for Earpiece Speaker problem. The solution provides some simple repair hints and also shows the connection line paths of the receiver speaker for easy troubleshooting.

If encountered a try to fix the Nokia 5230 Earpiece speaker problem just follow some step by step instruction below.

Nokia 5230 earpiece speaker jumper ways
Repair hints on how to fix the Nokia 5230 Not Working Earpiece Speaker:
step 1. Check and try to replace the Receiver Speaker.
step 2. Clean the Earpiece Speaker terminal contact pads.
step 3. Check the filter coils and the ESD protection diodes, replace it if  already damaged.
step 5. Trace the connection of the each terminal contact pads down to the each filter coils where it is being connected.
step 6. If  all of the above procedures does not fix the problem. Try to flash update the device firmware to any latest file version.
step 7. In this level you may need to rework or replace the AVILMA IC and re-flash update the device firmware again.