Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Not Charging Problem Solution

This repair guide covers for Samsung I9000 Galaxy S with charging problem. The guide below shows the specific components on Samsung Galaxy S I9000 PCB board that holds for charging operation.

If the device failed to charge and already tried another working battery charger on the device but the problems still exist., Just refer to the given solution and follow the steps procedures on how to troubleshoot the charging failure problem on the device.

1. Clean the USB pin connector if oxidized. Resolder if the pins are lifted.
2. Plug the battery charger, check the VBUS voltage, if the voltage is missing replace another charger.
3. Check the VBUS 5V voltage at the higlighted capacitor.
4. If the 5V voltage is missing on the capacitor, rework or replace the IC.
5. Reheat, rework the IC labeled 5.