Nokia X2-01 Manual Format and Factory Reset Code

If you ever wanted your Nokia X2-01 to restore back  to its original factory default settings, this reset code  will help you..
Note: This is only advisable if you experience some error problems regarding applications installed on the phone and you want to wipe it out. .

Nokia X2-01 Soft Reset by code
This will return back your X2-01 to its factory setting :

1. Dial or Key in *#7780#
2. Press Ok/Yes

This soft reset mode will not delete/harm your important data or applications, it simply restore the .ini files of the Nokia X2-01 ROM

Hard Reset Nokia X2-01:

1. Dial or Key in *#7370#
2. Press OK/Yes

Another method you can try it if both method mentioned above will not work.
The method is:
Press and hold down  *+3+Yes button right after your phone is turned on.