Repair Guide: How to fix iphone 3G/3Gs backlight not working after wet damaged

This is DIY guide to fix a not working backlight on iPhone 3GS.
But proceed with precautions for this guide are meant for technicians only.
We are not responsible if anything happens to your device.

This guide will help you fix your iPhone 3G or 3Gs if it's accidentally been dropped into a water or geeting wet damaged. and then result to LCD backlight failure. There are any other solution for this but this, but this one really works and mostly a less time consuming effort.

Okay let's take a look of what happens to your iPhone, you accidenatlly drops in water or in any liquid and you turn it apart try to dry up with in few hours. And then assembled it back again and then powered it up, you can still hear some tones but it turns out a dark screen display without illuminating on the LCD. So, okay the problem might be an LCD.

Now, before you attempt to purchase a new LCD on, let's tackle up for awhile in this solution for maybe it will help you fix your iPhone's LCD backlight problem. Try this solution first before moving on finding on later solution if it doesn't help or work for you. Because if this will not work you will need to have another hard work to do, for this one is the most basic part which I did in most of my repairs before I attempt to change the LCD and so-called backlight coil replacement.

You'll only need a soldering skills in this area, you any find some tutorials in youtube etc. Basically it's a fix for the 3gs LCD, this solution shows you a detailed guide how to wire a bypass from the LCD connector.

 Download see the solution here.