Nokia E63 Power ON OFF key Jumper Ways

This is the Nokia E63 Power ON and OFF key failure or not working solution. The solution below shows the connection line paths of the Nokia E63 power/end key.

This solution only works if the device shows a charging indication if the charger is plug-in but unable to power up when pressing the power key,  and may not work on totally dead set device.

nokia E63 power on off jumper ways

Repair hints on Nokia E63 Power ON-OFF failure problem.
1. Check the keypad flex matrix for possible damaged, replace if necessary.
2. Check and try to clean the keypad pin connector.
3. From the pin connector locate the resistor and the ESD protection diode., Trace down the power key line paths.
4. Check/replace the 47K resistor and the ESd diode.
5. The power key connection is connected directly to AVILMA. check and try to rework the power IC.